I am a digital creative.

UX / UI Design. Front end dev. Project planning. Mentoring.


I started my career studying Multimedia Interactive Design (whatever that is?) and Advertising back in 2000, a double major was a good way of covering myself and little did I know these two degrees would compliment each other and make me the designer I am now.

I’ve been in the design game for around 15 years now and currently, I’m 35 years of age. So that’s a fair chunk of my life of drawing wireframes on random bits of paper, creating a wide variety of solutions for clients, collaborating with fellow designers, explaining to devs why that font must be a certain way, sharing my knowledge of success and failures, looking at fonts as I walk around the street and guessing what font they’ve used, adapting to new technology/practices and most of all, loving what I get to do as a job.

Based in Perth, Western Australia for most of my life but have worked with people all over the world. Over my career I've worked with design studios collaborating on projects for clients such as Rio Tinto, Audi Australia, Smashing Pumpkins, Wesfarmers, West Coast Eagles, The West Australian, and many more. Since 2010 I’ve been working for Australian Finance Group and now head up their design team as the Lead Digital Creative for the business. Look, I’ll be the first to admit I never expected the finance industry to be so exciting for a creative, but here I am and still loving it.

My greatest hits at AFG include being a key role in evolution of AFG’s online and social brands, working on our award-winning SMART marketing program for mortgage brokers, working with our brokers and lender partners to understand their needs, designing the UI/UX for various desktop and mobile-based apps for our 2850+ brokers, traveling across Australia to speak at a number of conferences to demo our work, working with US-based fintechs in bringing their technology solutions to our Australian market and much more.

Besides design work at AFG, I have been involved in a mental health initiative at AFG promoting the importance in creating a healthy work-life balance and changing the views and stigma associated with those seeking support. Through suggestions of services, educational weeks, sharing my own personal journey and other small events we are working towards a stronger staff culture.

Thanks for visiting my corner of the Internet, I'm always interested in collaborating or giving advice on projects - so drop me a line if you want.





Recent Projects

Below a small selection of some of the projects I can display publicly.

Project - AFG website

AFG - website and online brand

Relaunching and redesigning our online brand.

In 2017 we launched the rebuild to continue the successful growth of our online presence we’ve worked so hard on over the last few years, while also creating a better customer experience for our range of different customers – whether they be brokers, home loan customers, business loan customers, the list goes on.

The project was a cross-collaboration across multiple teams within the company and as the project lead it was a challenging and enjoyable experience to create something on this scale. Within the first 6 months of the fresh launch we’ve seen more engagement with our audience, increase in leads, higher organic search engine position, and stronger social engagement.

Our overall aim was for the AFG brand to become “friendlier” and that was really the word that we kept coming back to. How to make the content, the photography, and experience for users to be friendlier and more accessible, something easier to engage with. It became clear it was really just taking the culture of our company, the customer experience we aim for each day and injecting it across our website.

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Roles and tasks.

Project lead
UX.UI design
Brand development
Customer mapping

AFG Business - online application

Simplifying the application process in commercial lending.

The main aim of this project was to build a platform that will change the commercial lending space, giving brokers who mainly work in the residential space a way of entering easily into the commercial finance world.

Working with the US based company Biz2Credit we have built a platform that quickly allows a broker to get the requirements a business needs for their finance, complete the application form, be shown a range of suitable product and submit those application forms directly to the lender.

As the lead UX/UI designer with this project team my role was to design the UI and develop the customer journey for our brokers. Using conditional logic we’ve streamlined this complicated process and built a system a broker can complete within minimal time, around 30-40 mins for an application to be submitted. Considering when we started looking into this world, a lot of it was still paper based applications - we’ve done something special.

Roles and tasks.

UX/UI Design
Brand creation
Launch and roll out
Focus groups
Customer mapping

AFG Mobile

AFG Mobile

Simplifying the application process in commercial lending.

AFG’s industry leading technology platform, FLEX, provides a unique advantage for our brokers as it’s the single access point for customer data and lender products. Our mobile apps connect with FLEX, giving the brokers to do everything they need to with a customer from; capturing customer data, running product comparisons, demonstrating scenarios to a customer or using built in hardware like a camera to capture supporting documentation. From there a broker can submit straight to their lender of choice.

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Roles and tasks.

Design lead
UX/UI design
Roll out
Training video and presentations


SMART - Marketing Program

Data driven mortgage broker marketing program.

One of my first projects when I started with AFG in 2010 was to look at creating the creative elements for an automating marketing service for our brokers and their individual businesses. 8 years the SMART program was a small offering of 4 email communications going out to 25,000 end customer per month, all coming from our brokers and their emails - their end customers don’t know AFG at all. Now in 2018 the program boasts 10+ timely and target communications, a custom website for our brokers, social media support and over 12 million email communications sent a year.

The challenges with this has always been building a solution that works for our brokers businesses and their branding, we have 1,450+ different brokers on this program - that’s 1450 different brands these solutions need to work for. We have built a completely custom in-house solution using Amazon Cloud services to create this award winning solution. The biggest reward has been seeing how this marketing program has allowed small businesses around Australia, brokers that are using the SMART program see their business grow twice as much as brokers that aren’t on the program.

My role is now purely managing the direction of the creative that is used in SMART and planning the future direction of more customisation, more data driven personalisation and a higher level of social media support for all our brokers. It’s been a career highlight growing and building SMART and watching

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Roles and tasks.

Design lead
Product education
Strategic planning
Website development
Creative creation
Campaign mapping


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To finish, here are my guidelines I always aim to stick too.

  • Data is your friend
  • What’s the problem?
  • Start with the users needs
  • Sketch. Sketch again. And sketch some more.
  • Stop. Collaborate. Listen.
  • Build a solution, not a fancy website.
  • Make your solution for everyone.
  • Be consistent, but be free
  • Adapt easily
  • Be focused.